devry cis 339 entire course DEVRY CIS 339 iLab 4 Sequence, Communication, and

DEVRY CIS 339 iLab 4 Sequence , Communication , and State Diagrams

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In this week , you will use your functional and structural models as the basis for your behavioral models that need to be developed for the SRS system . Specifically , your deliverables for this week are designed to develop these two behavioral diagrams for the Register a Student for Classes use case . Sequence diagram Communication diagram
In addition , you will also need to create a state machine diagram for the Registration class ( the class that maintains the registration of a student in a class ). These behavioral model and diagrams are major milestones in your architectural and design work . They give you your first opportunity to verify that your use case ( in this case , Register a Student for Classes ) could actually be implemented using the objects of your class diagram design . If you reach this verification , then you are done with the analysis phase of your SRS project .