devry cis 339 entire course DEVRY CIS 339 iLab 3 Structural Modeling Class Dia

DEVRY CIS 339 iLab 3 Structural Modeling Class Diagram and CRCs

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As the software architect for the SRS system , you are making good progress in your work . After finishing the Functional Modeling ( activity diagram , use case diagram , and use case descriptions ) of the SRS system , you are now ready to move on to its Structural Modeling .
In this week , you will use the models of your Functional Modeling to determine and design your class diagram and complete a CRC card for each class . The Structural Modeling is very critical for the success of your project since it is the backbone upon which the entire project is built , so take the time to design and refine your class diagram and its corresponding CRC cards .
Deliverables Class diagram for the SRS system