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Questions and Answers Where is Discovery Ridge located? Who is responsible for snow removal? What types of properties are available at Discovery Ridge? How long does it take to build a home? Discovery Ridge is located between exits 140, Parleys Summit and 141, Jeremy Ranch off of I-80 on Kilby Road. It is directly adjacent to and behind the Weilenmann School of Discovery. Townhomes and Single Family homes. Are there common area amenities at Discovery Ridge? A public trail head leading into 1000+ acres of open space and trails and two community playgrounds. Are pets allowed? Up to two dogs or two cats are allowed. What school district is Discovery Ridge located in? Park City School District. Is there an HOA? There is a master association and a sub association- the master association consists of all of the single family homes and is responsible for common area maintenance of Discovery Ridge. The sub association is for the townhomes and is responsible for shared building and driveway maintenance. Summit County is responsible for all street maintenance- the HOA maintains the alleys in Phase 3, the townhome driveways, and the secondary access road and gates. Approximately six to eight months. Can the townhomes have hot tubs? Yes, you can have a hot tub located on the patio but they are not permitted on any decks. How can I be assured that the adjacent open space will not be developed? The open space is under a conservation easement and is currently managed by Utah Open Lands. Do the homes include a warranty? A one year warranty is provided by the developer’s contractor.