Detection and Treatment Guide Updated 2017 Detection-and-Treatment-2017 - Page 24

GLOSSARY OF TERMS Angiogram (also called arteriogram) An X-ray study using an injected contrast dye to see the arteries and look for an aneurysm. Artery A thick-walled blood vessel through which blood flows from the heart to any organ of the body, including the brain. Brain aneurysm A weak, bulging area on the wall of an artery in the brain; also called an intracranial or cerebral aneurysm. Catheter A flexible tube for insertion into a vessel, body cavity, or duct; used for an angiogram of the brain arteries and in the endovascular treatment of brain aneurysms to provide access to the aneurysm site. Cerebral aneurysm See brain aneurysm. Clipping The surgical method for treating an aneurysm. The surgeon exposes the aneurysm with a craniotomy and places a metal clip across the base of the aneurysm so that blood cannot enter it. Coiling An endovascular treatment for aneurysms. The aneurysm is filled with a tiny platinum coil (or coils), causing the blood within it to clot and the aneurysm to be destroyed. Craniotomy Any operation in which the skull is opened, including the surgical procedure for clipping an aneurysm. 23