Destination Golf Asia 2019 * | Page 3

Welcome What’s in a memory? As it turns out, according to our panel of experts it could be a lot of things. Great golf, awesome view, excellent staff, exciting travel, lots of options. The list is endless and undefinable. For that very reason our guys had a lot of fun putting this first list of memorable places you can play together. This is hardly an exhaustive or comprehensive list as the region is so big and the golf so plentiful, we had to limit our space to our those closest to our geographic center here in Bangkok. This list encompasses Thailand, China, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka Malaysia, and Indonesia. There will be more to come in future issues with the inclusions of countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and India. Our panel was given free reign to use any criteria that personally made a venue “memorable” to them, and they came up with some great ones. Armed with their suggestions we reached out to the clubs to let them tell us why they thought their facility was memorable. Interesting reading! Zenta Thomas Destination Golf Ambassador South-East Asia Region. [email protected] 1