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Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning

Turn Naysayers Into Yay-Sayers

Overcome Your Family ’ s Destination Wedding Objections

By Jonathan Hermann

“ You ’ re getting married where ? But that ’ s so far away !” For many couples , this is the response they get when they tell their family about their intentions to be wed on the beaches of a tropical destination . While destination weddings are growing in popularity , some traditionally minded families are resistant to the idea , unsure of what to expect . If you have destination dreams , but your family members are giving you the stink eye , here are several approaches you can take to change their minds .

“ Aunt Ethel doesn ’ t have a passport .”
Inevitably there will be someone in your family who is unable to travel internationally due to lack of travel documents or health concerns . Discuss with your significant other the importance of each person you want in attendance . Once you have that key list , you can make decisions about having your destination wedding locally with Aunt Ethel in attendance or abroad with possibly fewer guests .
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