Destination Bliss Volume 9 | Page 48

Get the gals special perks © Photo Cine Art
Coordinate Guest Travel
If many of your guests are traveling from the same location , it can be a great time and money saver to have them on the same flights , sharing the same car service and , of course , starting the celebration early . You can also plan to have key guests transported to the airport to finish the journey together .
Create a Dream Itinerary
Want to try everything on the ship or in the resort ? Instead of filling every minute of your trip , leave some free time to explore the area once you arrive . Creating the ideal travel itinerary is an art form . Travel advisors recognize the importance of spontaneity , so they will pad your itinerary with free time to follow your whims and spur-of-themoment adventures , while still hitting all the highlights of your destination .
Build in Romance
As destination wedding or honeymoon specialists , professional advisors can ensure hearts are kept fluttering for all the
Treat your wedding party to a special event © Sandals right reasons . Most likely they ’ ll use their longstanding relationship with your resort or cruise line to secure you special experiences , like a bottle of chilled Champagne waiting in your room or a couple ’ s massage on the beach the day after your wedding . Then again , maybe it ’ s better not to ask this question so you don ’ t spoil the surprise !
Why Travel Advisors Rock
Some couples have an army of professionals at their beck and call come wedding time , from resort wedding planners , hairdressers and makeup artists to DJs , photographers and florists . But if you ’ re planning to have a destination wedding or honeymoon , then the most important professional to have on your team is a travel advisor .
Travel advisors handle all your travel-based wedding needs , but their role is much more robust than that . They anticipate problems and provide solutions . They plan every facet of the journey — including transfers and special excursions — beyond the big-ticket items . And they provide genuine advice that helps you avoid potential pitfalls . ◆
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