Destination Bliss Volume 4 · Honeymoons | Page 41

Shebly and Ramy Y ou want your honeymoon to be the best of both worlds. Some days you’ll want to hike a mountain or kayak in the ocean, while other days might be perfect for lounging on the beach with a good book. Either way, there are lots of locations around the world that will allow you to do just that. GO FOR A HIKE Embark on a hike and enjoy a picnic during your journey. TOP BEACH DESTINATIONS: St. Lucia | Jamaica | Mexico “Take the time to relax. Take the moments of bliss to enjoy all the sun, all the food, and all the joy a honeymoon brings.” St. Lucia MO BEACH LOVERS H O N E Y M O O N L O C AT I O N : SANDALS REGENCY LA TOC IN ST. LUCIA