Destination Bliss Volume 4 · Honeymoons | Page 39

Rena and Chris Y ou’ve just spent the last few (or more) months planning a wedding and you’re ready to take a load off. If you’re the kind of couple who is willing to travel across the globe for the best view, look no further for honeymoon inspo. ENJOY THE BEACH Travel to the world’s must-see beaches and revel in the feeling of your toes in the sand. TOP JET SETTER DESTINATIONS: Maldives | Mauritius | Bora Bora Maldives MO JET SETTERS H O N E Y M O O N L O C AT I O N : MALDIVES, CONRAD HOTELS & RESORTS BY HILTON “It was so peaceful, a perfect place to honeymoon and relax. A great place to unplug and enjoy each other.”