Destination Bliss Volume 3 - Page 98

CONTENTS Honeymoons 2 Honeymoon Trending Topics The latest and greatest in romantic vacations. 6 Packing for Paradise SCOUT Bags helps you fit everything in one multi-purpose duffle. 8 30 28 Honeymoon Checklist What to do and when to do it. 12 What’s Your Honeymoon Style? Take our quiz to find out. Destination Head to Head Comparing destinations with a similar vibe. 21 Honeymoon Registry Let your guests help you make amazing memories. Set Sail for Honeymoon Bliss Travel to multiple locations on a relaxing cruise. 28 Gay-Friendly Honeymoon Hot Spots Ideal destinations for same-sex couples. 30 Choosing the Right All-Inclusive How to decide where to stay. 16 STEPHEN MCGILLIVRAY Chief Marketing Officer ANNEMARIE DEZSO Director of Strategic Marketing 96 DARREN PRESS Creative Director SARAH TITLE Editor KATHRYN FALDE Designer CARRIE BRANDT Manager of Romance & Resorts JONATHAN HERMANN Contributing Writer CAROLINE GORDON Art Director LISA KAHAN Contributing Writer JEN COULTER Contributing Writer 36 Real Honeymoons John & Jill: Italy Amy & Scott: Thailand Meg & Dan: Disney World, FL Courtney & Isaac: Costa Rica 24 16