Destination Bliss Volume 3 | Page 95

ROAD TRIP Let the phrase “it’s about the journey not the destination” ring true for your first vacay as a married couple. Traveling cross country can be just as intimate and romantic as posting up in a honeymoon suite. Throw together a playlist of your favorite tunes, pick up some tasty snacks for the drive, and hit the gas. You can drive up the coast of California, stopping at vineyards and beaches along the way or you can drive Cruise in along the east coast and make pit stops in Rhode Island, Boston and end in style along the California gorgeous Maine. The options for a road trip honeymoon are endless. Coast #roadtripromance #wildinlove Get up close and personal with wildlife at Kruger National Park SAFARI South Africa is becoming a popular vacation spot, so why not travel there for your epic trip? Stay at a lodge overlooking the picturesque landscape, giving you close proximity to wildlife. Try to spot the Big Five on your game drive—you’ll be surprised how up close and personal you’ll get to elephants, lions and many more species. If you want to go big for your honeymoon adventure, a safari is definitely the way to do it. CALL OUR AGENCY to plan the trip of a lifetime