Destination Bliss Volume 3 - Page 79

HONEYMOON By Jonathan Hermann H oneymoon registries have been around for over a decade now, yet some couples shy away, feeling that it’s a tacky way to ask for money. No matter how you slice it, a registry is a polite way of asking for gifts; a honeymoon registry simply asks for them in a form that leads to amazing memories. Below are some pros of having a honeymoon registry. FUND THEY’RE NOT JUST FOR HONEYMOONS The idea behind a honeymoon registry is paying for couples to enjoy unique experiences while traveling. So if you’re having a destination wedding, it’s totally acceptable for your honeymoon registry to also include pre- and post-wedding activities. THERE ARE OPTIONS FOR EVERYONE ASK THE EXPERTS FOR HELP AVAILABLE FOR GUESTS ANYWHERE Don’t worry—your aunt doesn’t have to fly to the Jamaican resort to buy you a spa certificate for hot rock massages. She can easily do it online through the honeymoon registry website, which eliminates the need for guests to find a specific store and helps them avoid shipping costs. As an added bonus, guests who couldn’t make the wedding can now feel like they’re part of the party by pitching in. If you’re having trouble thinking of activities to add to your honeymoon registry, simply consult our agency. After all, planning activities and excursions at destinations around the globe is our specialty; so we’re filled with detailed ideas you may have never considered. Since we work with couples all the time, we also have useful recommendations on which registries are the best to use. Is your cousin Eddie a traditionalist who insists on buying you a stainless steel fondue set? No worries. Many honeymoon registries allow you to include physical gifts for those who simply want something tangible, which is a great opportunity to add a sweet set of Samsonite hardsides or other travel items you might need.