Destination Bliss Volume 3 - Page 69

W hen it comes to all- inclusive resorts, we assume they’re all alike. Beverages flow freely from bottles and taps, the buffet is never less than five feet away, and you can snorkel, kayak or snooze on your beach towel all day. However, no two are the same. Choosing the right all- inclusive resort for your style can be a complex equation. Do you want one that has beach access and a top-notch spa? Do you want a large resort with multiple restaurants or a smaller place with just one or two? To help you decide which all-inclusive is right for you and your budget, we’ve broken down the basics. QUALITY Some resorts really heat up after dark, so if you’re a social couple looking to meet new friends, focus on a resort that hosts theme nights, live music, stage shows and dancing. Many resorts also offer different types of bars for mingling, ranging from sports bars to full-scale nightclubs. Most all-inclusive resorts fall into three categories: family friendly, adults only and couples only. Family-friendly resorts cater to everyone, although some offer sections within the property that are restricted to adults. If you definitely do not want kids around on your honeymoon, check out the adults-only or couples-only options, like Secrets or Le Blanc Resorts. Just like any hotel, the star rating of an all-inclusive resort is a general indicator of the overall quality. Properties can range from moderate to deluxe to luxury. Thankfully, most resorts are typically impressive, since they want you to become a frequent visitor. So even the lower- rated properties are 10 times fancier than anything you’ll find next to an interstate. Most resorts include a variety of on-site activities. Pool or beach . . . or both! All-You-Can-Drink Some resorts focus on active options (pool games, sand volleyball, yoga), while others focus on educational or cultural activities (cooking classes, dance lessons, mixology). Almost all beachfront resorts offer watersports. If you prefer to lay in the sand with the sounds of the ocean waves crashing beside you, but your fiancé(e) prefers a long infinity pool with breathtaking views, choose a resort with both. Make sure you decide what matters and what doesn’t to ensure you pick the right place in the right location. Every all-inclusive resort includes an endless supply of beverages. At moderate properties, your selection will be limited, while you can have your fill of top-shelf liquors, local brews and a generous wine list at luxury-focused properties. STYLE ACTIVITIES