Destination Bliss Volume 3 - Page 19

E This works as a favor no matter where you get hitched 7 5 4 This bag doubles as a beach tote! 2 Get your guests something festive 8 5 3 LONG DISTANCE LOVE If it’s a far journey to your destination, make your guests feel extra special with local snacks, beach necessities, and mementos they can bring home. ASK OUR AGENCY to help you find the best local gifts 1. SCOUT Daytripper bag in Sunny 2. Travel-size sunscreen 3. Sunglasses 4. Lei 5. Snacks 6. Destination-themed postcard welcome note 7. Hangover kit 8. Tissues SCOUT is a family-owned, Washington, DC-based brand known for colorful, functional bags perfect for gifting and traveling. 1 Postcards make a great momento! 6