Destination Bliss Volume 3 - Page 13

Overwater Bungalow at El Dorado Maroma PALAFITOS — OVERWATER BUNGALOW Travel Tip #1: You can save 30% and enjoy private transfers at El Dorado Maroma Palafitos – Overwater Bungalows. Palafitos - Overwater Bungalow Travel Tip #2: Bungalow guests can take advantage of the Náay Spa and the Overwater Grill and Wine Bar. Yes, you read that right. These bungalows actually sit over the turquoise Caribbean waters. And believe us, there isn’t a more charming place to spend the night. These bungalows have a private infinity pool, glass bottom floors, direct ladder access to the ocean, indoor Jacuzzi, an oversized deck with lounge chairs and even a private outdoor shower called “Aguas del Amor.” So yeah, pretty romantic.