Destination Bliss Volume 3 | Page 96

Honeymoon # trendingtopics The latest and greatest in romantic vacations By Sarah Title #keytomyheart Opt for a long weekend in the Florida Keys #snowbunnyhoneymoon MINI MOONS Why go on one honeymoon when you can go on two? The idea of the mini moon is perfect for couples who can’t take time off for their wedding and honeymoon all at once or for couples who want to save up before traveling. Obviously going straight back to work after tying the knot isn’t ideal, and that’s where the mini moon comes in! Go somewhere that’s near your wedding location so you can hop in the car or on a short flight to enjoy your first few days of married life together. Then when you head home, start planning for the longer honeymoon in your dream destination! WINTER HONEYMOONS Ski the When you hear the word honeymoon, you scenic probably form a picture in your head of a white- Swiss Alps sand beach, turquoise water, and glistening sunshine. However, if you and your S.O. are more active and adventure types, consider going on an epic ski trip! Tackle the slopes during the day and curl up by the fire at night. You don’t have to stay domestic either, there are plenty of ski destinations in Europe for you to choose from.