Destination Bliss Volume 3 | Page 86

DISCOVER YOUR Q ui HONEYMOON D o you and your significant other have different ideas of what the perfect honeymoon looks like? This quiz will help you pinpoint where you should go. Snuggle close and answer these together. What’s your favorite thing to do with your future spouse? Which is most likely to appear as a backdrop in your photos? 1. Eat at the newest restaurants in town 2. Open a bottle of wine, Netflix and chill 3. Anything outdoors, like biking and camping 4. We’ll try anything adventurous! 1. A famous architectural landmark 2. A beautiful beach at sunset 3. Dramatic outdoor landscapes 4. Safari animals What’s the one thing you want to do the most on your honeymoon? In your honeymoon suitcase, what will you find? 1. Savor local cuisine after a day of sightseeing 2. Relax and reminisce about our wedding 3. A morning hike followed by cocktails at the pool 4. Anything that requires signing a waiver, like 1. Wine tasting journal and passports 2. Sunscreen and a few books 3. A backpack and a professional camera 4. Athletic shoes and a GoPro How much time do you want to spend in relaxation mode? Which of these best describes your wedding reception venue? 1. 40-65% – We want an equal mix of both 1. Vineyard 2. Ballroom 3. Beach 4. Rustic farm bungee jumping 2. 65%+ – We’ll be exhausted from the wedding festivities 3. 25-40% – We anticipate being active but also want a little time to rest 4. 10-25% – We want to maximize our time in the destination