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CONTENTS Weddings 4 Awesome Ideas for Your Destination Wedding Add a pop of personalization to make your day extra special. 12 Fine-tune Your Guest List How to decide who makes the cut. 16 Gifts Galore Create the perfect welcome gift with some help from SCOUT Bags. 4 34 18 Ceremony Ideas Different types of ceremonies explained. 19 By the Numbers Fast facts about destination weddings. Splurges You Won’t Regret Where to spend a little extra cash. 26 Expert Opinion Let our agency help you plan the perfect celebration. 28 Aisle Style How to dress for the big day. 34 Show Me the Money Exactly what you can get with your budget. 50 STEPHEN MCGILLIVRAY Chief Marketing Officer ANNEMARIE DEZSO Director of Strategic Marketing DARREN PRESS Creative Director 42 How to Choose a Destination Picking the right wedding location can be hard, so we’re here to help. 48 Destination Wedding Checklist SARAH TITLE Editor KATHRYN FALDE Designer CARRIE BRANDT Manager of Romance & Resorts JONATHAN HERMANN Contributing Writer 50 Real Weddings LISA KAHAN Contributing Writer Pat & Yosh: Cancun, Mexico Travis & Justina: Maui, Hawaii Elise & Chris: Dubrovnik, Croatia CAROLINE GORDON Art Director JEN COULTER Contributing Writer 24 This list will help you remember everything you need.