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This new and improved building will be located along the Giles Lane carpark and replace the temporary portacabins currently situated there. Temporary blocks and portacabins should be just that – temporary; what we need is not another faceless ‘block’, but an additional building that can stand in equal beauty and stature to those that currently exist throughout our grounds. The teaching staff at St Edmund’s are the fulcrum on which such positive pupil experiences of school life here rest. Throughout our long and illustrious history, so much care has been taken to appoint teaching and support staff, from pre- prep right through to senior level, of truly outstanding quality. Not only are they inspiring and enthusiastic in delivering their particular disciplines to the highest possible standard, they’re also as keen and interested in the extra-curricular involvement and pastoral wellbeing of their pupils. As evinced by the words of pupils like Will and Olivia, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of all of our staff members; not only are they motivating pupils to really shine academically, but, crucially, they are compassionate too. The provision of a brand new, colourful and stimulating learning environment is as necessary to allow our outstanding teachers to prosper as it is to the pupils who trust them so implicitly. The staff are my favourite thing about St Edmund’s and I think the relationship between staff and pupils is very unique to this school. Fundamentally, they’re there to guide and teach us, but they invest a great deal of interest in us all as people too and are never too busy to help.” Olivia Dodgson, pupil