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However, such great popularity and success comes with its own set of challenges, and we now lack sufficient teaching space to house our current pupils, let alone new ones, as we anticipate a year-on-year rise in the near future. Currently, our regular classrooms are cramped and the temporary portacabin classrooms located along Giles Lane have become pressed into regular use. Not only are they ill equipped to successfully offer the very high standard of education that St Edmund’s is known for, they are not in keeping with the otherwise picturesque aesthetic for which the school is celebrated, and which pupils past and present identify with and hold close to their hearts. As a boarder, what I love about St Edmund’s is the tender loving care that underpins everyone’s experience here; it’s just like home. Although the priority of the staff is to teach us effectively, we also have a lot of fun – it’s just a really friendly place that’s set up to prepare all its pupils for the real world.” Will, pupil We see this, however, not as an impossible problem to solve, but simply an obstacle to surmount. Our solution? Initially, the 1st phase of our Academic Hub will be a brand new, light and spacious building housing seven classrooms that will give our pupils the space they need to learn and be inspired to the best of their abilities. Upon completion of this stage, the 2nd phase will be the creation of further classrooms, the whole of the Hub centred around a courtyard, thus joining up both phases to stand in equal beauty and stature to those that currently exist throughout our grounds.