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“Encouraging”, “progressive”, “creative”, “a home from home”... … just some of the descriptions of St Edmund’s from the mouths of pupils that study here. We are so very proud of our reputation as a school at which pupils relish not just their opportunities, but their day-to-day lives too. Self-confidence, assured social skills and a mature awareness of the nuts and bolts of life and the relationships we form within it are at the very heart of everything we do. We are a school committed to producing happy and successful pupils in a nurturing and fun, but suitably challenging environment and it’s this that makes us stand out from the educational crowd. Informed by caring Christian principles, our aim is to build a solid foundation in the lives of the pupils that we nurture in order that when they spread their wings, they do so not just with a high level of education, but with the capacity to develop compassionate and decent human relationships throughout their adult lives. And, if we’re doing it right, which we have every confidence that we are, it shines through in the happiness and personal development of pupils like Kate – there is no greater seal of approval than that. Pupil numbers have been growing over the last five years, which is a wonderful culmination of the hard work that everyone at St Edmund’s has put in over the last half decade. A new school building with bright and exciting classrooms means that our facilities will move forward in line with the vibrant and intellectually curious pupils they nurture.” Louise Moelwyn-Hughes, Head