Design Buy Build Issue 47 2020 - Page 32



Written by Carly Coren – IQ Glass UK
This luxury new build allows the maximum amount of natural light to travel through the home uninterrupted , thanks to the use of various glazed elements . The oversized glazing look was achieved using structural glazing , double height installations , sliding door systems and a dramatic vertical sash opening .
A mix of opening and fixed elements ensures the property has plenty of ventilation as well as a striking exterior . Multiple sets of slim sliding doors are used throughout , granting step free access to the raised terraced area the house sits upon .
Once inside the home the glazed rear façade can be seen immediately , flooding the ground floor with natural light from all angles . The wooden staircase is accompanied by a frameless glass balustrade , adding a safety provision without detracting from the minimal , clean interior design .
The showstopper of the project was the large vertical sash window , granting garden access and providing clear views of the manicured lawns . This was achieved using the same systems as the minimal sliding doors , three panes in a vertical configuration , with the same ultra slim sightlines . The double height installation was configured with a counterweighted system . When the lower pane is lifted , the top pane is drawn down and both panes line up with the fixed centre pane .