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Left: In a commercial design, it is vital to reveal the unique feature for unstaged entourage. A large plaza should provide an elegant shopping experience, so we will make the best composition, showing the sense of space, and adopting the suitable lighting effect to show the details of every function area. From our commercial plaza rendering (below), life activities are merging slowly with the depth of the space. As we understand that, a complete expression of a prosperous business plaza rendering should not only highlight the design, but also be reintegrated with people’s behaviors and transmit human feelings; this is the best interpretation of a rendering work. Hope you enjoy our Architectural visualisation. commercial-interior-rendering-for-plaza Right: Rotunda Residence for Series of Spanish Holiday Homes by Johnston Marklee. This is another spaceship-inspired design, with a circular roof and floor. It’s one of the vacation homes for a national park in Spain. creative-architectural-design/