Design April/May 2015 December 2015/January 2016 - Page 47

Ombre effect Many of the watercolor walls we see have the so called ombre effect. Ombre is when one color fades into another. It tends to be gradual, although sometimes it can be a stark difference (see the variegated wash method). Color boundaries are blurred to create a beautiful transition of contrasting shades. It doesn’t matter how many colors you use. The options are limitless. 47 Create a focal point A watercolor wall is not just an accent wall, it adds the most unique character to any room. Most of the current photo’s we see displaying watercolour walls, are in homes which are modern and clean cut. Even when one is more inclined to muted walls of magnolia or white, a focal wall with either popping colour or muted tones can accentuate a room and give it a completely different feel. My advice is to go ahead and choose a wall to try one of the techniques on. Make the most of the trend and try it out. If you do not like it, just paint over it again, but do have some fun. We are all too conservative in our wall colour choices, and this trend is giving us the opportunity to be a little daring. * Photo referances avalible on request. desIgn Namibia December 2015/January 2016