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38 For a while now, our Southern African markets have been moving towards a more locally manufactured design vibe. Fresh, hand-tailored and originally designed fittings from copper, tin or recycled items, stained glass, fabrics, wire, wood or sea shells. Expression of individuality as well as influences from unfamiliar cultures are now shared through a new art form, well enjoyed when combined with light. Our brave creatives have ventured into the world of lighting design and local support has improved, adding value to the industry and marketing what we have to offer the lighting world. desIgn Namibia December 2015/January 2016 This is good news and eventhough the pretty glass and filament frames are timeless and will remain in style, local is always lekker! How do we compare to the European design mecas in terms of lighting forecasts for the New Year though? We simply, don’t. It’s not a negative thing, we’re essentially all searching for something unique that will add personality to the world we’ve created for ourselves in our homes. European lighting technology however is just on another level all together and we can learn a lot from the delicate thought process that exists when