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Accessories Bathroom accessories used to be basic; soap dish, towel rail, toothbrush holder, toilet roll holder and possibly a coat hook. Today we look at it in a very different way, we use the bathroom much more than just to wash, it has become an oasis, opening up the need for a lot more novelties . For me the biggest extravagance would be a heated towel rail for winter, but it could also be nice to have a shower radio, heated toilet seat, private 2-man sauna, bookshelves, specially designed hanging shower baskets or a day-bed. We treat our bathrooms as part of our living space, not just a utilitarian room as in the old days. Technological advances in design allow us to create amazing bathroom pieces that allow everyone to create their own unique oasis, big or small, all the options are there. 29 Tel: +264 61 248 609 Cnr Hosea Kutako / Mandume Ndemufayo Street | Southport Building #4 desIgn Namibia December 2015/January 2016