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The bath The free standing bath has really come in to its own over the past few years, and even more so, as a free standing bath needs space to be able to be viewed in all its glory. The most extravagant of the lot would be a bath made from natural stone. The downside of such a model is that it will easily weigh up to 500kg, so placing such an item on the first floor will need to be checked by a very competent engineer. If this is not an option for you, there is the steel-enamel option weighting in at around 50 to 80 kg. The extremely hard surface of this type of bath makes it highly resistant to germs. Weighting in at only 25 to 30 kg are the acrylic models. The advantage of these is that they are easily formed and possess a soft feeling surface. No matter your budget or style, the luxury of reclining in a bath will always be part of the ultimate bathroom experience, no matter what size the room. 25 The shower Long gone are the days where a shower was 800 x 800 with a glass door. Today we have the option of having the shower built in any shape or size, be it round, square or even part of the entire room. Here the industrial era has given us many options to choose from. Many times we prefer to have the shower floor flush with the rest of the bathroom, or slightly raised to eliminate the water running through the entire room. We can build the shower floor or buy it ready made from one of many suppliers. The same m []YHو