Design April/May 2015 December 2015/January 2016 | Page 40

40 lines and uncomplicated track systems are ever more popular and we can understand why. Imagine a space with no down lights, but instead, a line or angle of three phase track- with lights that are prominent in style and powerful enough to only have a few. Each would operate with it’s own switch and they would be flexible enough to be moved to where you need light most along the track, as life demands. Lighting can now grow with us. It lends itself to adjust to our change in interior design and furniture shifts. How wondeful to have all the options! How daunting having to choose only one of the amazing lines. Whether you decide to go for local or rather for a bit of a European flare, embrace what it brings to your daily living and enjoy the clever European simplicity, or the conversations that will follow the local story telling pieces. 
Happy trending. * Photo referances avalible on request. desIgn Namibia December 2015/January 2016