Depersonalization Disorder: Lost Inside The Self Issue 1, May, 2014 - Page 30

Do Not Suffer In Silence

Speak out about mental illness

Hablar sobre la enfermedad mental – Spanish

Parlare della malattia mentale – Italian

Parler de la maladie mentale – French

Sprechen über psychische Erkrankungen – German

Mānasika bīmārī kē bārē mēṁ bāta – Hindi

التحدث عن المرض العقلي – Arabic

ذہنی بیماری کے بارے میں بات – Urdu

صحبت کردن در مورد بیماری های روانی - Farsi

Jiǎng chū jīngshénbìng – Chinese

Seishin shikkan nitsuite no hatsugen – Japanese

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All information presented in this magazine has been gathered from the findings of researchers and examiners, with my own findings through the use of surveys and examinations of sufferers of DPD from online forum In regards to images used from the internet are copyright-free, or openly licensed images. The images used with signed watermarks, are my own drawings and would require copyright and approval to be taken from the magazine.