Depersonalization Disorder: Lost Inside The Self Issue 1, May, 2014 - Page 29


How Similar Their Fates Through Lies Had Always Been

A bully lacking friends because of expressed intimidation.

A victim lacking friends because of felt label condemnation.

The bully has vibrant-violent thoughts amongst this rejection.

The victim has silent-violent thoughts amongst this rejection.

The victim and bully dream of days when they can better control this.

Days things can make more sense and allow to them be much more this.

Both suffer anger problems - arguing each others' is worse.

They are the same anger problem of a lacking control curse.

There were days when they used to be more of one in the same.

Days when they held the same esteem in their team of the game.

There was a time when their external world hadn't butchered them.

Butchered them mentally into the dislocated minds that are so dim.

Days when they hadn't witnessed trauma that made them too lost.

Days when they held more zen and wisdom of a clean slate glossed.

Upon realizing their slates are however still unfinished.

They can realize they never did choose to be so diminished.

It never was truly their poor choices to lead to such fury esteem.

The anger and rage are products of an illusive culture that gleam.

Those they grew up with, those who still reinforce their falsed self.

The communist constitutional feudal nazi fascism - the coercive shelf.

The coercive extortionate oppression of mankind makes bully and victim.

Culture that contests empirical humanity and makes ignorance a dictum.

A confusion makes the bully and victim realize they are both livestock.

Do as I say (don't bully) - not as I do (bully) - their educations talk.

The victim picks the first - Do as I say fool.

The bully picks the second - Not as I do fool.

But as children, they didn't want to choose sides at all.

Now they fight a war by only following orders of the law.

Until the day they are on their last limb - they meet once again.

Only to see how similar their fates through lies had always been.

The following poem is written by a sufferer of DPD. From online forum