Depersonalization Disorder: Lost Inside The Self Issue 1, May, 2014 - Page 28



My fantasy lies within dream's wake.

I experience happiness, but I know it's fake.

You kiss me and I give one back.

Holding your dress; a dark ivory black.

The dream ends with a lawful goodbye.

One that was not broken with old lies.

I look to you and I give my lines,

"Maybe I'll see you again next time?"

The following poem is written by a sufferer of DPD. From online forum

A painting done by myself, depicting the feeling of appearing 'normal' but holding inner turmoil. When creating the online magazine I found working on the artwork myself was a therapeutic way of dealing with some of my symptoms.

I think the outlet of expression, whether art or other forms, is sometimes not seen as a serious enough area of help for sufferers of DPD. However I do feel all forms of art allow expression to be expressed instead of kept internally, and this can prove to be beneficial for sufferers.

Check out the 7- track album

A chronic sufferer of DPD, from the forum created a 7-track album inspired by the feelings of DPD. The album is called Depersonalization.