Depersonalization Disorder: Lost Inside The Self Issue 1, May, 2014 - Page 11

Sir Martin Roth

Obsessive compulsions are found to be present in DP/DR. Sir Martin Roth pointed out the major different between the contemporary Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and the kind of obsessiveness present in DP/DR.

Classic obsessive rituals such as excessive hand washing were not found to be present in DP/DR, depersonalized individuals were found to obsess with on going, free floating anxiety and excessive rumination.

Roth remarks:

“Obsessional features commonly present, though rarely in the forefront of the picture, are a compulsive self scrutiny with fear of disease, insanity or loss of self control".


James Cattell and Jane Schmahl Cattell

Further and current research has allowed researcher to look into other possible areas concerning DPD. James Cattell and Jane Schmahl Cattell wrote about the relation between DPD and society. The highlighted the possible relations.

“People working under centralized bureaucracies are routinized, humiliated, and thereby dehumanized: The economic system prevents involvement and fosters detachment. It generates competition, creates feelings of inadequacy and fear of human obsolescence. It creates hostility and suspiciousness.”

Research in the area of DPD and society and culture needs more research and attention but the role society plays and its affects on individuals may play a vital role in the maintenance and onset of DP/DR.