Department of the Air Force World Class Athlete Program Entry Standards2 (a-o 1 Sep 2022)

Department of the Air Force World Class Athlete Program Entry Standards
1 . The Department of the Air Force World Class Athlete Program ( WCAP ) supports and guides nationally ranked “ Airmen , Guardian ” athletes who compete and succeed in the Olympic and Paralympic Games , while maintaining military careers and promoting the U . S . Air Force and U . S . Space Force to the world .
2 . The WCAP was established to provide Service members of world-class caliber with the opportunity to train full time for national and international sports competitions leading to selection and participation with United States national teams , while maintaining their military specialties . Participation in this program is discretionary and service members may be released and reassigned from the program without cause based on mission needs of the Department of the Air Force .
3 . Department of the Air Force service member athletes must meet the criteria of a specific sport to be eligible to apply for the Department of the Air Force WCAP . Applicants should be advised that merely meeting the entry standard does not guarantee admittance into the program . The performance standards for application eligibility are based off each sport ’ s national governing body ( NGB ) standards . Performance standards are subject to change and at the discretion of the NGB and WCAP program managers . Only sports and / or events included in the 2024 Summer and 2026 Winter Olympics sports program will be eligible to apply .
4 . Once admitted into the program athletes must :
a ) Demonstrate the potential to qualify for the U . S . Olympic Team . See the selection standards located within this document .
b ) Maintain Department of the Air Force readiness and fitness standards . Additionally , service members must maintain military standards , responsibilities and good conduct ; athletes must comply with standards to avoid being released from the program .
c ) Compete in qualifying events and trials required for selection of the U . S . Olympic and participation in the Olympic Games .
d ) Develop and maintain a training plan with progress benchmarks during the entire duration of the service members ’ participation in the WCAP .
e ) Understand that failure to comply or maintain any of the above standards will result in administrative actions and / or release from the program .