Denton ISD Our Impact In Your Community Magazine Winter 2017-18 - Page 6

Make an impact this year !

We hope you had a fantastic holiday season and are ready to get back into your everyday school routines . It ’ s the start of a new year , the start of a new semester and the time to start making changes to better ourselves .
By Dr . Jamie Wilson Superintendent of Schools
January , traditionally , is the time of year we pledge to change attitudes , trim our waistlines and cultivate new habits . I cannot think of a better time to improve ourselves and build upon the optimism of a fresh start and the promise of self-improvement .
Our teachers and staff , are some of the nicest , hardest working people I know . Our campuses run deep with folks who serve others daily – not just students but their own colleagues , community volunteers and parents . By leading each day , they set the example of what service is all about , not just in our schools , but in our community .
I don ’ t believe our country has a finer example of service to others then the life of Dr . Martin Luther King , Jr . – a man who found pride in teaching others . The observance this month of his life and legacy is one filled with his teachings of acceptance , non-violence , courage , compassion and dignity .
Dr . King ’ s leadership and spirit of forgiveness have inspired many leaders and governments to change behaviors and stereotypes for entire generations . As our country continues to come together in a divisive political climate , I know you will continue to empower our students to seek truth through education and commit to bringing others together through service .
There is no better way to do that , than by taking part in the greatest empowering process established in our country – the power to vote . Democracy only works when everyone has a voice and that voice is your vote .
It ’ s often easy for each of us to sit back and remark on the failings of our elected officials or the direction our country , state or community are headed … but do we do anything about it ? We teach our students about the greatest leaders this country has had in US History and about the successes and failures of the greatest civilizations in world history and geography , yet sometimes we forget to show them they impact they can have on their own .
As the March primary season comes upon us , I encourage you to empower yourself with information that will help you make the best decisions to make our country , state and local community better – and then vote . Once you do that , have a conversation with your student ( s ) and explain to them the importance of that vote and the history that has gone into giving each one of us the right to cast that ballot .
We understand that as teachers and staff , we have the privilege of impacting our community through our students by what they learn in the classroom . It ’ s important to remember that each one of us can impact them outside of the classroom as well .
Dr . King is famous for his “ I Have a Dream ” speech and the impact it ’ s had on thousands . I believe it ’ s imperative that all of us continue to make those dreams a reality for every student .
Thank you for all you do and best wishes on a fantastic New Year !