Denton ISD Our Impact In Your Community Magazine Winter 2017-18 - Page 26

Advances in Dentistry that can help your Children The most amazing of all the new dental technologies, are the use of different types of lasers. Waterless lasers like Dr. Pat Ruehle DDS use, provide analgesia (sleepy tooth) in an individual tooth so that patients have NO Pain & No Shots for many procedures. You can have fillings done and go back to work or school without the “fat face” or “drooping lip” in more comfort and not miss a beat in your busy day. Waterlase lasers use a combination of laser and air/water spray to gently and precisely treat cavities with minimal tooth reduction. Do you know someone young or old that has a Tongue Tie? Speech is difficult, can’t lick an ice cream cone and other issues as well? Dr. Pat Ruehle at Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can relieve this muscle that is holding the tongue down with no shots, no pain, no stitches. From little ones to Grandma, with the help of the Waterlase Laser, Dr. Ruehle can correct this painlessly and you will be on your way to play, school or work after a short appointment. How GREAT it would be for your child to not have problems speaking! We at Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry would love to serve you and your children. (Paid Advertisement) Garden Oaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Patrick R Ruehle DDS, PA 940-566-4888 ING come W h A ild R c N ould be Plus tim your c CRAZY ABOUT MATH Math Help Math Enrichment Test Prep Homework Help Special Offer Get a Free Month when you sign up for 6 or 12 months membership DENT GO! Expires Match 2017 940.808.1370 5017 Teasley Ln., #143 • Denton, TX 76210 26 Up SELECT TAGS 50% OFF EVERYDAY! 3/14  -­‐  50%  OFF     1/1  -­‐  50%  OFF  Sale   1701 Brinker Road Spring   Break  Sale   1/15  -­‐  50%  OFF  Sale   3/24   -­‐   5 0%  OFF     Denton, TX 76208 1/25  -­‐  $0.79  Kids  Sale   Customer  Apprecia5on  Sale   2/6  -­‐  $2  Tuesday  Shoe  S 940.591.1400 ale   4/5  -­‐  $0.79  Kids  Sale   2/10  -­‐  2/12  50%  Off  Jewelry   4/17  -­‐  $2  Tuesday  Shoe  Sale   2/19  -­‐  50%  OFF  President’s  Day  Sale   4/20-­‐22  -­‐  Earth  Day  Weekend     2/28  -­‐  $0.99  Winter  Clearance  Sale   Donate  &  get  a  discount   3/6  -­‐  $2  Tuesday  Shoe  Sale   4/26  -­‐  50%  OFF  Sale     1701  Brinker  Road    Denton,  TX  76208    (940)591-­‐1400   Oc No N D J • • • • 28 in 6, W VI a