Dehydrated Potato Market

The global Dehydrated Potato Market size is slated to touch USD 8.84 billion by 2026 , exhibiting a CAGR of 6.83 % during the forecast period . Growing awareness regarding the nutritional value of instant potatoes and their variants is expected to be one of the central Dehydrated Potato Market trends in the upcoming decade . Instant potatoes are emerging as a viable alternative to regular potatoes in a world where hectic lifestyles have become a norm , which is taking a heavy toll on physical health . The US Department of Agriculture recommends a weekly intake of 5 to 6 cups of natural starch .
Dehydrated potatoes can fulfill this bodily requirement , delivering almost the same amount of nutrients like regular potatoes , except in a more convenient and efficient manner . These foods also contain the three essential macronutrients – carbohydrates , proteins , and fats – delivering the daily dose of energy required by the human body to function . Moreover , according to the US Agency for International Development , instant potato products such as potato flakes are a good source of starch in cases of emergency . Thus , the instant potato market stands to benefit as people become more aware of the healthy properties of these products .
Fortune Business Insights™ shares this information and more in its new report , titled “ Dehydrated Potatoes Market Size , Share & Industry Analysis , By Form ( Flakes , Powder , Dices , Shreds , and Others ), Nature ( Organic and Conventional ), By Distribution Channel ( Food Services and Retail Channel ), and Regional Forecasts , 2019 – 2026 ”. As per the report , the value of this market stood at USD 5.23 billion in 2018 .
Gathering Pace of Urbanization Worldwide to Escalate the Demand for Ready-to-Eat Foods
The number of people living in urban areas is rising at a steady pace all around the globe as a result of economic growth and development , especially in developing nations . The UN ’ s Department of Social and Economic Affairs predicts that Asian and African countries will account for around 90 % of the rise in the global urban population by 2050 . The birth of knowledge-based economies has created jobs in cities and metros that usually require people to sit in one place and perform data collection and analysis tasks on a daily basis .
Consequently , sedentary lifestyles have become commonplace and lives have gotten faster , both of which are adversely affecting human health . With little time to spare for cooking , consumer preference in urban areas is increasingly shifting towards ready-to-eat products , such as dehydrated potatoes , to meet the daily energy needs of the body .
Increasing Population to the Drive the Market in Asia-Pacific
Among regions , Asia-Pacific is forecasted to dominate the Dehydrated Potato Market share in the coming decade owing to the rapidly rising populations in India and China . These countries also have a steadily expanding middle class that is actively consuming nutrition-laden processed foods . Furthermore , China and India are some of the largest producers of potatoes in the world , which will aid the instant potatoes market growth in the region . Lastly , the large consumer base is attracting companies from developed nations to establish themselves in this fledgling market , thereby accelerating the Dehydrated Potato Market revenue during the forecast period .
Competitors to Focus on Upgrading Production Capacities and Diversifying Operations
Major players are directing their investments towards enhancing their production capabilities and expanding their operational range , according to the instant potatoes market analysis . This would provide the companies with a solid base for building their brand value in this market .
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