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Page 2 / De iure September 2018 Note from the Dean On the occasion of the publication of the Faculty's New Year magazine Welcome to De Iure, the Buchmann Faculty of Law magazine brought to you twice a year, at Rosh Hashanah and Passover, in Hebrew and English. Out of the rich and varied activities at TAU Law, the current issue reviews in detail some of our news and latest developments. This year has seen a tremendous leap forward in achieving new heights of student success. To begin with, 14 students at the Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies have been awarded PhDs in 2018. This is a record number of doctoral recipients in one year. In addition, 19 students have been offered prestigious clerkship positions with the Supreme Court of Israel, another TAU Law record. These achievements are a testimony to our vision, our mission, and to our continued commitment to academic excellence. But this commitment means more than just delivering a first-class legal education; it is also about fostering an environment where our students, across the wide spectrum of communities in Israel, feel engaged and supported. TAU Law is also experiencing a period of monumental growth and prosperity through funding collaborations and new partnerships. We are grateful to the Coller Foundation for their generous support for the “Animal Protection Law” course. Another outstanding contribution is the David Berg Foundation’s renewal of support for the David Berg Institute for Law and History over the next two years, allowing us to extend the reach of the current program. The continued trust that is placed in us by our generous supporters is a significant factor in our success. As part of our ongoing efforts to expand the international opportunities for our faculty and students, we have established a new partnership with Sciences Po Law School in Paris, and look forward to the new collaboration. We have also strengthened our connections with the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and held a joined doctoral conference, along with an ongoing student and faculty exchange program. In the current edition you will find a mixture of news and features on a wide range of topics that showcase the high-quality, broad-scope research and activities we are involved in. To kick things off, you can read a fascinating interview with Prof. Ariel Porat about the personalization of default rules and disclosure, and the way Big Data is transforming every industry, including the legal disciplines, from inheritance law to consumer contracts, medical malpractice, privacy and torts. Also in this edition, we review some of the programs and services aimed at broadening access and fostering holistic student success. Lastly, we talk to one of our graduates, Adv. Mustafa Senel, originally from Turkey, about his experiences at TAU Law and why he feels at home here. On the eve of the Jewish New Year, I want to thank each and everyone involved in our mission for helping to showcase the rich diversity at TAU Law. Our students and faculty are drawn from all across the globe, and the diversity they bring unites us as a community across a range of dimensions, including language, culture and faith. Wishing you and your families a joyous holiday and all the best for a happy and healthy Rosh Hashanah! Sincerely yours, Prof. Sharon Hannes, Dean