CEO LETTER Digital Data Systems are the proud designers and manufacturers of CAL2K Isothermal Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Systems, CAL3K Isothermal, Adiabatic and Dynamic Bomb Calorimeters The DDS CAL3K range is used to determine the calorific values of liquid and solid samples. The range of CAL3K oxygen bomb calorimeters is manufactured with various applications in mind; coal analysis and oil analysis being the most popular applications. The latest addition to the DDS Scientific range is the CAL3K-U bomb calorimeter, which is optimized for university use and educational institutions. The CAL3K-AP Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter combined the isothermal and adiabatic methods in one system. We call this new method dynamic. DDS has been designing and manufacturing high precision oxygen bomb calorimeters for over 30 years. The DDS Calorimeters are easy to set up, with easy removable connections, making the system compact, lightweight and easy to move - Rolf Ludwig