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‘Supporting you towards independence’ Notaro ARBD Care has over 30 years experience of providing individualised support for people living with Korsakoff’s Syndrome or other alcohol related brain damage from across the UK. Following our successful 3-step enablement programme, our goal is to assist the person back into community living having regained basic living skills, dignity and structure. For those with a more serious diagnosis, we do provide a home for life. Fees are reduced as the person steps through the programme. Receive the service you We have been working with local authorities across the UK, providing what most see as the missing piece to aiding a successful recovery. Come and chat to us at the forthcoming DDN Conference to If you would like to request a brochure or to arrange a free assessment, please contact: 01278 557091 or email: [email protected] www.arbdcare.co.uk I had been in and out of rehab and hospitals many times, nothing worked until coming to Serenita. I have been able to get better by on-going support, personal development and guidance. I feel very comfortable here and am looking forward to walking out one day, not running. - Martin, ARBD Resident For further information visit: www.arbdcare.co.uk www.drinkandrugsnews.com B o u l e v a r d , W e s t o n - s u October p e r - M 2017 a r e | B S 2 3 1 N X drinkanddrugsnews | D9