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DENTIAL DIRECTORY AUTUMN 2017 DDN RESIDENTIAL D Our residential rehabilitation centre supports people with addiction issues. At Equinox we offer comprehensive, in- tegrated detoxification and psycho - social services for adults who require medically assisted withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. This includes clients with multiple and complex needs. Located in Truro, Cornwall, our centre is set in an historic building and beautiful gardens. We’re here to help turn your life around Our dedicated and experienced team will offer you guidance, support and encouragement as soon as you step through the door. With 17 beds for men and women, expert support is available 24 hours a day. Dogs are also welcome! ?PZP[\ZH[JO`HKKHJ[PVUVYN\R Addaction Chy | Rosewyn House | Alverton Terrace | Truro | TR1 1JE [email protected] | 01872 262414 In collaboration with SLaM, we com- bine two specialist teams to provide a full range of end to end care in the initial stages of a clients’ recovery programme. Based in a comfortable and relaxed 26 bed residential unit located in Central London, Equinox Brook Drive is an established and trusted service provider with over 27 years’ experience in this field. To find out more call us today on 020 7820 9924 or email us at [email protected] Visit us at www.equinoxcare.org.uk Equinox is part of the Social Interest Group (SIG). SIG provides a range of support services for small and medium sized charities to help them thrive. www.socialinterestgroup.org.uk l$yl wsiuupun i yiunl vm wyvql‚{z {v olsw jypun {vnl{oly {ol }vp‚lz vm wlvwsl imml‚{lk j€ ikkp‚{pvu iuk {ovzl ~vyrpun {v~iykz i tvyl yl‚v}ly€ mypluks€ zv‚pl{€œ vpu |z {v svvr i{ ~oi{$z ~vyrpun iuk ~oi{ ullkz{v‚oiunlœ # wovlupm|{|ylzŸ SKRHQL[IXWXUHV # wovlupm|{|ylzŸ ZZZSKRHQL[IXWXUHVRUJXN 3KRHQL[)XWXUHVLVDUHJLVWHUHGFKDULW\LQ(QJODQGDQG:DOHV 1R DQGLQ6FRWODQG 1R6&2  www.drinkandrugsnews.com October 2017 | drinkanddrugsnews | D11