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Routes to RecoveRy Beginning the journey Paths to funding The many options for rehab mean you UK residents can apply through the can find somewhere that will suit your NHS for community-based and needs and preferences private rehab THERE ARE MANY VARIED OPTIONS FOR RESIDENTIAL REHABILITATION TREATMENT (‘rehab’), throughout the UK and abroad. Some are registered charities and provide treatment, counselling and support. Others provide a complete journey from onsite detox to an aftercare stage in supported housing. Addictions treated in these settings include drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating disorders and self-harm. The abstinence-based programmes might follow the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, or one-to-one therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Many increasingly offer options such as equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) or creative therapies. A placement in residential rehab can vary in length from four to 12 weeks of intensive support. Some patients receive funding through the NHS or local authorities; others fund themselves privately or through medical insurance. Fresh out of detox, Wayne was given three options by the drug and alcohol team who sorted out his funding. His struggle was with alcohol and he had ‘died from it twice’. ‘They gave me five days to live, it was my last chance,’ he says. ‘I tried to do it my way and couldn’t.’ He chose Kenward, as it was ‘right in the middle of nowhere, with a long walk to the shops… You’ve got a long time to think what you’re doing. When I arrived, I wanted to get back out drinking again, but I forced myself to stay there – and I’m glad I did.’ ‘The Space to Grow’, DDN October 2018 YOUR FIRST PORT OF CALL SHOULD BE YOUR GP, who will recommend the best treatment for you, and can refer you on to your local drug or alcohol service. After you’ve been assessed, you’ll be introduced to your key worker, who will then work with you to find the right treatment for you. You can also sometimes self-refer to treatment services if you contact them directly for help, and there are many voluntary sector organisations who offer treatment and support services. Alternatively, if you have the funds available or have private health insurance, you can access treatment privately. This process is usually quicker, but treatment through the NHS is free of charge. ‘I fully believe in the holistic approach to pain management. The drugs are a quick fix and should only be used in the immediate aftermath of an accident or illness. I think true rehab, where you are looking at the psychological aspects and physical rehabilitation to manage and help alleviate the pain, is not nearly accessible enough.’ Dr Simone Yule, clinical lead, Action on Addiction The Recovery Hub Ipswich The Recovery Hub Ipswich specialises in the residential treatment of both substance and process addictions including; Alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication, gambling, co-dependency, gaming, over eating, exercise, sexual and relationship dysfunction. Located in the vibrant town of Ipswich, Suffolk, The Recovery Hub Ipswich has excellent transport links within an hour of London, Norwich and Cambridge. Ipswich is the perfect location to enjoy some time in the beautiful Suffolk Countryside and Coastline, ideal for therapeutic trips and family visits. The town of Ipswich has a growing recovery community. Our 12 Step programme delivers real long-term success, 90% of clients successfully completing the programme. Our feedback scores are 9 out of 10 for therapy, detox and treatment. Averaging out at 8.9 out of 10 for all aspects of our service. Our programme mixes therapeutic groups including CBT and art therapy with individual counselling, debt, housing advice, gym membership and walks in the local parks. The groups focus on activities that explore brain responses and relapse triggers, life events, personal 4 | drinkanddrugsnews | Rehab Guide 2019 responsibility and spiritual awareness. We also offer a dynamic 12 step programme that will help you through all the early steps in a clear, structured and meaningful way with the help of both staff and qualifi ed counsellors highly experienced in 12 Step Recovery. Our expert therapists and team are skilled in successfully working with signifi cant life trauma, abuse, PTSD and personality disorders. Our individual work with you will always be person centred and solution orientated. We help you recover mentally, physically and spiritually, providing a relaxed and friendly environment to establish your own foundation of recovery. At The Recovery Hub to help with your successful return home we offer a full year of free aftercare where you can be part of a group of other people in recovery talking about the challenges and successes of living a happier and healthier life free from addiction. RHI places you at the centre of your treatment, helping you reach your full potential. Please call 0300 030 33 33 to arrange admission with our highly experienced team. They will guide you through our assessment to ensure your treatment meets your needs. It’s never been easier to get the help you, or your loved one requires. www.recoveryhubipswich.com www.drinkanddrugsnews.com