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DDN REHAB GUIDE 2019 DDN REHAB GUIDE 2019 Assisi Community Care Charterhouse Clinic Flore Bridge (The) Druglink www.francishouse.com Devon • Therapeutic Community www.thebridge.uk.net Birmingham • Supported Housing Birchwood Residential Treatment www.birchwoodtreatment.com Wirral, Detox Centre CAIS www.parklandplace.co.uk North Wales • Eclectic Castle Craig Hospital www.castlecraig.co.uk Scotland • 12-Step www.charterhouseclinicflore.com Northamptonshire • Eclectic CGL St Thomas Fund www.changegrowlive.org Brighton • Eclectic St Thomas Fund is a residential rehabilitation service based in Brighton and Hove that offers a safe place for adults wanting to become free of drugs and alcohol, and make positive steps towards recovery. It is a free service for adults over the age of 18 with a local connection to Brighton and Hove; places are agreed with all parties following referral and assessment. www.oxygenrecovery.co.uk Hertfordshire • Therapeutic Community East Coast Recovery Ltd www.eastcoastrecovery.co.uk Suffolk • 12-Step Equinox Aspinden Wood Centre www.equinoxcare.org.uk London • Supported Housing Carlisle House www.carlislehouse.org Belfast • Therapeutic Community Carlisle House is a residential substance misuse treatment centre situated near the centre of Belfast. We aim to provide a safe and therapeutic space for individuals who have substance use difficulties. A space that provides structure, enabling new choices to be explored and a rediscovery of self without the substance. This opportunity is offered within an ethos of acceptance, respect and compassion. Changes UK www.changesuk.org Birmingham • Eclectic ChangesUK, Clarity House provides an opportunity for detox for people to work towards abstinence and begin their recovery journey. They are supported by our Peer Mentors and specialist medical practitioners in safe and comfortable surroundings. It is an intensive residential programme with a person- centred approach to achieve a state of mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. All of our homes are fully equipped and furnished to an excellent standard. The Programme offers a range of interventions including - Structured Living, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Art Therapy, Eco Therapy, Personal Development, Complementary Therapies, Peer Support, and Post Programme Support. www.frameworkha.org Nottinghamshire • Therapeutic Community www.changegrowlive.org Birmingham • Detox Centre Park House is an 18-bed unit staffed by an experienced team of specialist doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and group work specialists. The detox centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and supported by clinical and operational on-call systems. Park House has beds allocated to both Birmingham residents and non-Birmingham residents. www.drinkandrugsnews.com The centre supports people who have been drinking for many years and while service users can continue to drink when they live at Aspinden Wood we work with them to find ways to reduce the harm caused by their drinking. We offer service users many options for them to improve their quality of life and wellbeing, and work with them to give them back their dignity and self confidence. Equinox Brook Drive Edwin House CGL Park House Equinox Aspinden Wood is a CQC registered service that provides long-term 24 hour care and support to men and women with a history of alcohol dependence, mental ill health and homelessness. Edwin House is a unique, modern CQC registered care and reablement centre that provides high-quality, dignified care to people with complex health needs related to long-term misuse of alcohol and/or drugs. Located in a quiet corner of Nottingham, we provide high quality care, nursing and recovery-orientated treatment and support people living with chronic physical, emotional or mental health issues. Our home, which can accommodate up to 63 people, is made up of 48 care and reablement beds. Located within the service is a smaller 14 bed inpatient detoxification unit. www.equinoxcare.org.uk London • Detox Centre Brook Drive is a CQC registered, residential community drug and alcohol detoxification unit, providing medically supervised alcohol and drug detoxification programmes for people aged 18 and above. Many of our service users also have other needs including diagnosed mental ill health, pre-existing physical health needs and challenging life circumstances. Brook Drive is a big and busy service with an NHS supported complex care pathway and a full time GP service integrated on site. There is a multidisciplinary staff team of 20, including nurses, recovery substance misuse/mental health workers, complementary therapy workers and group workers. Rehab Guide 2019 | drinkanddrugsnews | 15