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COVER STORY : County lines


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‘ We have a unique role in breaking county lines ’

THE PRESSURES OF THE PANDEMIC are diverting services into new ways of working , with plenty of energy spent adapting systems to ensure continuity of service . But this month ’ s cover story ( page 6 ) is a reminder that drug dealing is also having to adapt its business model . And unfortunately the varying stages of lockdown have opened up new opportunities – and necessity – for exploitation .
Shropshire ’ s experience shows that there is no let-up in county lines activity , with lines changing and being replaced regularly . The only way we can tackle this violent and highly lucrative business effectively is by working closely with police and social services – and by realising that substance misuse services have a unique role to play in ‘ working holistically and without judgement ’ to help young people and vulnerable adults out of a trap that has become modern slavery . Those young people – anyone ’ s child – at the receiving end of youth justice , are themselves victims of crime and need our support at this vital time . This could be the crossroads at which they are able to escape from a cycle of crime and get the support they need to leave this terrifying situation behind – and we have to do better than let them join an even bigger training ground in the criminal justice system .
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