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ON THE COVER – Tackling homelessness


Creating conditions for recovery


Electronic prescribing , the OST experience
4 NEWS Police need training on child slavery ; more young people vaping
12 LET ’ S GET THIS RIGHT Are commissioners ready for the challenges they face ? Part one of three
14 STEROID CLINIC Kaleidoscope need people with lived experience
16 CARING AND COMPASSIONATE Our careers series looks at nursing
20 THE ONES LEFT BEHIND Survivor ’ s guilt can be a painful aspect of recovery
M-Pact , a whole-family approach

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‘ Respond to government Qs to challenge drug criminalisation ...’
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We talk about stigma – let ’ s also talk about empowerment

We talk about stigma a lot . We think about language and we want to be inclusive . But let ’ s take the vision wider and talk about empowerment – and initiatives that go hand in hand with service user involvement and co-production . Dave Higham strongly believes we have to look at the environments we create in places of support , if we ’ re to build recovery-orientated systems of care ( p10 ). This is no more starkly illustrated than when tackling homelessness , and the co-founder of BillyChip ( p6 ) shares a very clear vision – to spread kindness and compassion .
These values should underpin every strand of our sector , and at the planning stages they very often do . The vision for electronic prescriptions is about getting the meds out swiftly and safely ( p8 ). Our in-depth look at commissioning ( p12 and the first in a threepart series ) highlights that we need to expand services to meet the needs of those who haven ’ t been well served up to now , and create the right partnerships if we ’ re to change people ’ s lives for the better .
Meanwhile , our careers series turns the spotlight on nursing ( p16 ) and offers a guide to the many and varied roles in this life-changing vocation . We also discover some highly effective initiatives that are already making a difference with M-PACT family support ( p18 ) and action to help steroid users in Wales ( p14 ). Claire Brown , editor www . drinkanddrugsnews . com and @ DDNmagazine