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‘ We are excited to be working with Phoenix to ensure that the Ley Community ’ s legacy will carry on .’
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We can ’ t assume that all drug use is driven by choice

The most recent drug-related death figures make a mockery of the government ’ s proposed Swift , certain , tough approach to possession offences . According to the ONS ( p16 ), DRD stats focus on a particular generation , people who are now in their late 40s . Furthermore , regional data show death rates are up to seven times higher in the most deprived areas of England and Wales .
The more we understand about those who are dying , the more we can be equipped to support instead of punishing . Underlying factors are complex including trauma , stigma and lack of opportunity . Mental health issues have been a huge piece of the jigsaw , particularly during lockdown . Fastest rising substances in the league table include an anti-depressant – how could this fit with an assumption that all drug use is driven by choice ? Stats underline that we have a lot of work to do in tackling stigma ( p8 ) and offering the right targeted support – and yet again our best option is effective teamwork , from mental health services ( p20 ) to nursing ( p22 ) to commissioning ( p12 ).
DDN is 18 this issue and we ’ d like to thank you for your support . Whatever challenges we all face , it ’ s heartening to see lived experience is now shaping policy . If you ’ ve been with us since November 2004 we ’ d love to hear from you ! Claire Brown , editor www . drinkanddrugsnews . com and @ DDNmagazine