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ON THE COVER : A fresh approach to mental health


Faces of Naloxone awareness


Every journey is different on the road to recovery
4 NEWS Drug control a ‘ disaster ’; violence of Europe ’ s drug trade
10 BETTER PRACTICE Learning from the doctor-patient relationship
11 LETTERS & COMMENT On drug policy ; language of addiction ; gambling survey
14 LIVER TRANSPLANT A guided tour 16 ALCOHOL AND ME Sharing journeys 18 GAMBLING Let ’ s treat the whole person 20 FACE TO FACE Guide to online skills
22 WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT ... The purpose of drug treatment

The power of sport as a recovery tool 16 8


‘ As we slowly ease out of lockdown there are many valid worries and fears that you may be experiencing …’
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The ‘ whole person ’ is at the root of everything

‘ The healthcare system doesn ’ t care . It sees me as an unnecessary expense .’ Hearing feedback from people who are perceived as ‘ hard to reach ’ ( p10 ) gives direction on offering more effective treatment . But more than that , it gives clues on why people often don ’ t connect with the most appropriate service to help them move forward .
Seeing the ‘ whole person ’ is at the root of everything , as we hear in this issue – from teams working in substance misuse and mental health , GPs , and people sharing their experiences of treatment ( including what really helped them ). We ’ ve moved on from passing the parcel in ‘ dual diagnosis ’ and learned that many complex issues manifest in many different types of behaviour , so it makes absolute sense to integrate our approach . One of the big challenges ahead will be to safeguard addiction specialisms as we grasp the opportunity to coordinate care pathways ( page 6 ).
Looking back over 25 years of events ( p10 ) SMMGP have realised how far they have come in listening to lived experience . We aspire to do likewise , and have personal stories on trauma , recovery , and peer-led action . For some unflinching firsthand views on drug treatment , turn to p22 . We asked for feedback and we got it ! Claire Brown , editor Keep in touch at www . drinkanddrugsnews . com and @ DDNmagazine