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ON THE COVER : Time is up for our drug laws


: the vital resource


Prisoners and childhood trauma


4 NEWS MUP has ‘ lasting impact ’ on drinking levels ; call for drug law reform
12 IT ’ S MY SCRIPT Defending the essential right to take home doses
18 LOCKDOWN LETTERS A lifeline from AA
19 STRONGER TOGETHER Forward Trust has merged with Action on Addiction
20 CLERO Going from strength to strength in recovery
20 REMEMBERING ... Kazim Khan
21 I AM A ... Volunteer service user rep ; this month ’ s career story
The long road to naloxone for all

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Drugs legislation is woefully out of date

Fifty years on , does anybody believe that the Misuse of Drugs Act is still fit for purpose ? The verdict is not good ( page 6 ). A dramatic failure , punitive ( particularly to the most vulnerable in our society ), neither fair nor evidence-based , a blunt policing tool that compounds damage … some of the words used in this issue .
So what next ? Paul Townsley believes we have a window of opportunity for ‘ some radical steps forwards ’ ( page 8 ). Carol Black ’ s latest report is keenly anticipated and there ’ s an appetite to bring a public health approach to the criminal justice system as well as all corners of society . Our letters from prisoners illustrate why this matters so much ( page 16 ). Responding to our articles about early trauma , they are profoundly revealing . As much as they are a testament to the value of professional support , understanding and connection , they are also a reminder of the pot-luck outcomes of sending someone into the criminal justice system without knowing if the right threads will be picked up and pulled back together .
And a big shout-out to all volunteers ( p10-11 and p21 ) as we celebrate National Volunteers ’ Week . Lena ’ s story shows what can happen when we ’ re given the right environment in which to thrive – an opportunity which she ’ s now passing on to others . Claire Brown , editor Keep in touch at www . drinkanddrugsnews . com and @ DDNmagazine