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Online support for safe injecting

Get advice and guidance on using drugs more �������������������������������������������� syringe service or pharmacy near you .
Visit wearewithyou . org . uk / safer-injecting

The Hidden Superpower of Addiction

Director and Founder of Smart-UK and Survivors Voice Europe Sue Cox combines Eastern wisdom , Western science and lived experience in celebration of the addicted brain .
Challenging the constant negativity surrounding addiction this book provides a new and exciting exploration of an addicted person ’ s ‘ Superpower ’!
“ More than anything , this is a hopeful book of transformation and empowerment .”
Sue Cox explains the way to harness and embrace that exceptional wiring and shows how amazing it can be for a person who has left behind their ‘ drugs of choice ’ to divert and transform that relentless drive , and become empowered .
The Hidden Super Power of Addiction explains how the human brain works , how life events influence us and how the two interact to make us who we are .
Find out more and order online at suecox . website
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We ' re here to help turn your life around

At Brook Drive , we have been providing detoxification services for over 30 years . Our multidisciplinary team have the blend of skills , knowledge and expertise that enables us to work effectively with Service Users with complex physical and mental health needs .
As well as alcohol and opioid detoxification , our service provides :
Opiate substitute stabilisation , with alcohol detox where indicated Methadone to buprenorphine switching , including from high-doses of methadone Methadone to long-acting opioid transfer GBL / GHB detoxification Crack / Cocaine detoxification Ketamine detoxification Synthetic cannabinoids detoxification

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