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Anna Whitton , CEO of Via ( formerly WDP ), shares the news about changing their name and brand , the story of why they ’ ve made this big step , and what ’ s next in their journey

T his year WDP ( Westminster Drug Project ) turns 30 and , at this milestone , we ’ re also changing our name .

For people who know us and what we do , the decision to make this change will probably make sense . We aren ’ t a drugs project in Westminster anymore , and haven ’ t been for some time . Our services are now delivered in lots of different areas across England . These services also now include young peoples ’ services and IPS services , for example , as well as the integrated community and residential drug and alcohol services that people know us best for . So our growth and development have led us to a really positive point where we ’ ve outgrown our original name .
In saying this , changing the name of an organisation is a big decision and finding a new name is not easy . Because of that , we invested time in listening to what people had to say about who we are , how we do things and what makes us different . We wanted to know what people really thought about our name and brand , both now and with an eye on future changes and developments .