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Keep in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter! /DDNMagazine @DDNMagazine Contents editor’s letter ON THE COVER ‘Most drug-related deaths are of people not in treatment’ B Street sleeper outreach, p6 4 NEWS Lifeline closes after almost 50 years; Lib Dems promise legal cannabis market. 6 VITAL CONNECTIONS DDN visits Equinox outreach team in Brighton to hear how they engage with a growing population of rough sleepers. 8 MEET THE FENTANYLS With a vast range of forms and potencies, the fentanyl family brings too many unknowns. Kevin Flemen gives an essential guide. 10 LETTERS AND COMMENT E-cigarettes ‘are a game changer’; complex behaviours. 10 RESOURCES CORNER George Allan finds Griffith Edwards’ text, Matters of Substance, lives long in the memory. 11 POST-ITS FROM PRACTICE A responsive approach is as important as the right medicine, says Dr Steve Brinksman. 12 FINDING THE RIGHT VOICE CGL have been consulting with young people on the best way for its youth services to get their message across. DDN reports on lessons for other providers. 14 MARKET FORCES At Addaction’s Mortality Matters conference, treatment services were urged to put competition aside to address drug-related deaths. DDN reports. 16 KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE NHS trusts from across England came together to mark a vital new initiative in tackling drug-related deaths, as Danny Hames reports. 17 WHO CARES? Darren’s death was preventable, like so many others. Dr Chris Ford looks at the personal story behind a young man who was failed by treatment. Reporter: David Gilliver e: [email protected] Published by CJ Wellings Ltd, Romney House, School Road, Ashford, Kent TN27 0LT Editor: Claire Brown t: 01233 638 528 e: [email protected] www.drinkanddrugsnews.com Advertising manager: Ian Ralph t: 01233 636 188 e: [email protected] Designer: Jez Tucker e: [email protected] y the time many of you are reading this, the next government will have been chosen – and who knows, the wheels may have started turning again after a static couple of months for policy. As I write though, the debates are still in full swing and the leaflets are still dropping through the door. So much noise, and so many promises by the politicians to listen. So here are some suggestions served up by this month’s issue. Turn to page 4 to learn that the sector is vulnerable and volatile, and that services closing could lead to thousands of people dropping further down the waiting lists. Go to page 6 to be reminded that most drug-related deaths are of people not in treatment – and that the first place to look for these people is on the streets, where outreach workers do their best to engage with and protect a growing population of rough sleepers despite diminishing resources. Turn to page 8 for a comprehensive briefing on fentanyl – a drug with many highly dangerous forms that requires a robust and proactive harm reduction and education strategy, rather than a knee-jerk ‘ban everything’ reaction. Then carry on to page 12 to hear feedback from young people on how to engage around substance misuse in a way that is meaningful to them – and finally, read some difficult pages (14-17) about drug-related deaths, the topic you don’t really want to acknowledge. If major treatment agencies are willing to put competition to one side to look for joint action to halt the climb in mortality figures, shouldn’t politicians join in? Claire Brown, editor Keep in touch at www.drinkanddrugsnews.com and @DDNmagazine CJ Wellings Ltd does not accept respon si bility for the accuracy of state ments made by contributors or advertisers. The Website: contents of this magazine are www.drinkanddrugsnews.com the copyright of CJ Wellings Ltd, Website support by but do not necess arily wiredupwales.com represent its views, or those of its partner organisations. Subscriptions: t: 01233 633 315 e: [email protected] DDN is an independent publication, entirely funded by advertising. Supporting organisations: Printed on environmentally friendly Cover by Roger Bamber / Alamy paper by the Manson Group Ltd June 2017 | drinkanddrugsnews | 3